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obServerJS saves developers time by providing transparent express routing and a smoother debugging process.

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This is obServerJS

Download our intuitively designed desktop application to have access to the expected response, a visual represention of the entire application stack (every possible route the response object can take in the server), and a testing suite to run multiple endpoints to check for errors.


Simplify Backend Routing Architecture

obServerJS enables developers to simplify complex server-side code by visually displaying the exact path the response object takes given a specific url end point. Expect nothing less than full server-side transparancy with obServerJS.


Visualize The Entire App Stack

In addition to having access to the route specific stack, obServerJS offers a visual representation of the entire application stack in a tree of nodes, reducing complexity and enabling for a quicker understanding of all potential routes the response object can take through routing and controller files.


Test Multiple Endpoints

To make the debugging process even more efficient, obServerJS has a testing suite that offers the options of adding multiple endpoints and and to gain information on whether or not errors are thrown.


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